Future Events                       

3rd Jun Open Club Night
10th Jun Jamy Ian-Swiss Lecture
1st Jul Dixon Shows Prep Night
5th Aug Open Club Night
2nd Sep Annual Close-Up Competition
7th Oct Steve Dela Lecture
27th Oct Presentation Dinner
4th Nov Annual Props Auction
2nd Dec Christmas Fun Night

Future Shows                       

w/c 11th Sep 18 Dixon Studio Shows
13th Oct
Chancellor Park, Chelmsford (PROV)
15th Dec Canvey WI

Past Events                           

7th Jan Open Club Night
4th Feb
Dealer - Saturn Magic  
4th Mar Speed Dating' Night  
18th Mar Boris Wild Lecture  
1st Apr
Annual General Meeting  
15th Apr Greg Wilson Lecture  
6th May Annual Stage Competition  

Southend Sorcerers Shows

Part 2 - Stage Show

This part of the evening will usually consist of 3 or 4 varied magic acts. The performance will take place on the stage or, if a suitable stage is not available, at audience level on the floor in front of the whole audience. We can provide our own backcloth if necessary.

A stage, whilst not essential, is certainly preferable for a more professional show, but if one is not available at your venue, please do remember to make arrangements for a large clear performing area positioned where everyone will be able to see the show from the front. 

The End of the Show

The show should finish at around 22:30, depending on the length of the interval.
Hopefully by the end of the evening you should have made a healthy profit for your organisation and had an enjoyable evening at the same time. One thing is certain - your guests will be talking about your event for days.
So why not let Southend Sorcerers create the magic for YOU ?

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