Future Events                       

7th May Stage Magic competition
4th Jun Feedback club night
2nd Jul Lecture - Atlas Brookings
6th Aug Free and Easy club night
3rd Sep Close up Magic competition
1st Oct Lecture - Marc Oberon
28th Oct Annual Presentation Dinner
5th Nov Props Auction
3rd Dec Christmas Fun Night

Future Shows                       

w/c 11th Sep
Dixon Studio Shows
6th Oct
Thorpe Bay Rotary Close-up only
9th Nov Furtherwick WI
3rd Mar 18 St Mary's Church. Little Baddow

Past Events                           

19th Oct Extra Workshop Meeting  
6th Nov Annual Props Auction  
11th Nov Lecture - David Stone  
4th Dec
Christmas Fun Night
8th Jan Free and Easy club night  
5th Feb Lecture - Andy Clockwise  
5th Mar Lecture - Marc Spelmann  
25th Mar Kings Road School, Chelmsford  
2nd Apr AGM  

Southend Sorcerers Shows

Supporting a Good Cause?


Why Not Book a Southend Sorcerers show?

Since our society was formed in 1976 we have helped many groups raise thousands of pounds for their respective charities or causes. Our unique evening of family magic offers a fun and entertaining way of fund raising.

Our show is very suitable for a family audience - so children are welcome to attend and they'll find the evening fun and enjoyable. We've actually planned the shows this way on purpose so that it's easier for you to attract a lot of people to your fund raiser. Having said that, the show is not specifically aimed at children either - it's an evening deliberately designed to be enjoyable for the whole family.


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