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3rd Jun Open Club Night
10th Jun Jamy Ian-Swiss Lecture
1st Jul Dixon Shows Prep Night
5th Aug Open Club Night
2nd Sep Annual Close-Up Competition
7th Oct Steve Dela Lecture
27th Oct Presentation Dinner
4th Nov Annual Props Auction
2nd Dec Christmas Fun Night

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w/c 11th Sep 18 Dixon Studio Shows
13th Oct
Chancellor Park, Chelmsford (PROV)
15th Dec Canvey WI

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7th Jan Open Club Night
4th Feb
Dealer - Saturn Magic  
4th Mar Speed Dating' Night  
18th Mar Boris Wild Lecture  
1st Apr
Annual General Meeting  
15th Apr Greg Wilson Lecture  
6th May Annual Stage Competition  


4th February - Dealer Dem, Saturn Magic

The club's February meeting was a dealer demonstration from Mark Traversoni at Saturn Magic. Mark had a terrible journey getting to Southend with a huge tailback on the M11, so he arrived, set up and was ready to go in record time – around 15 minutes!


In spite of being a little out of sorts due to the rush Mark went on to show us some of Saturn’s best sellers. He also had a sales table set up where our members could buy different effects, some at reduced prices for the evening.


Mark started out with Haunted Deck 2.0 by Peter Eggink and followed that up with a look at the Wildfire flaming wallet – a version that holds a large fuel pad compared to the others on the market. Mick CcCreath’s Out of the Blue came next, a versatile mentalism routine involving some nice printed cards to generate a seemingly random number that you’ve predicted ahead of time.


Mark’s card scarf came next – a clever idea to provide you with an extra six pockets for strolling magic. It sits around your neck and hangs down on either side beneath your jacket. By attaching it to your belt any movement is restricted, and it’s perfect for carrying additional decks or packet tricks etc.


Next Mark demonstrated Remaxed Isolation, a card to block of ice effect; the RSVP box by Matthew Wright, a device that allows you to perform ‘object to impossible location’ effects; and Saturn’s version of the Nest of Wallets routine, a very nice design of a classic effect, much less expensive than those bought elsewhere.


Up next came Stickman Bob, sort of a Cardtoon type effect that’s combined with the penetration of a deck of cards by a drawn stick man, all caused by firing him out of a miniature cannon!


We saw Forksaken, a card stab with fork routine; Quantum Leap, a disappearing card to any location effect; and Ineggsplicable 2.0, a trick where basically a freely selected card vanishes and ends up (genuinely) inside a fresh egg!


Next came Cardiographic Lite, a fresh take on Martin Lewis’ original drawn rising card routine, but this time much easier to reset, and much less expensive too. Mark finished the evening off with a vanishing wine bottle and Kev G’s Cube Cards, a simple Rubik’s Cube solving effect.


Thanks go to Mark for making the journey and providing us with such an entertaining evening – do check out Saturn’s website for your magical needs. www.saturnmagic.co.uk


Also at the meeting we officially welcomed Chris Stevens, Finlay Southgate and Brentley Sims to our ranks. You’re all really welcomed to your new club and we hope that you enjoy being a part of it all.

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