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7th Jan Open Club Night
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18th Mar Boris Wild Lecture  
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15th Apr Greg Wilson Lecture  
6th May Annual Stage Competition  


18th March - Additional Meeting - Boris Wild Lecture

On 18th March we presented the first of our star lectures for 2018 and it was brilliant to be able to welcome Boris Wild to Southend as part of his lecture tour.

Boris is one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. He is an international performer, author, creator and lecturer and his speciality is close up magic.

With a full programme, Boris decided not to take a break as he wanted to include as much material in his session as possible, and we were certainly not disappointed. Of course, he’s well known for his marked deck and so the first part of the evening was entirely devoted to it.


Starting with an effect called Zero Touch, a routine making full use of his marked deck, the magician finds a chosen card which has been lost under impossible conditions – and without ever touching a single card of the deck. In a neat twist, Boris went on to show the spectator’s version of the effect, where the spectator takes the role of magician and manages to find a selected card without touching the deck (or knowing the secret!). Boris discussed in detail the advantages of using a marked deck and also explained how to mark your own deck using Letraset lettering.     


Next came Ten Max, a routine that utilises Paul Gordon’s ten card poker deal, using five blank cards and five cards with £20 printed on them. The spectator tries to win the maximum of £100 but always loses of course – thanks to the poker deal and marked cards being used! The routine can be adapted to the use of ESP cards or normal playing cards too.


Symbiosis was next, a very clean ‘any card at any number’ effect making use of a borrowed deck. A predicted card is found at any number chosen by the spectator – but in two decks! This routine makes use of a couple of sleights that can easily be learned and the effect is astonishing.


Finally, Boris presented his beautiful Pure Telepathy routine. Performed to music as a stage piece, the magician offers the spectator a chance to cut a deck in any place and remember the card they cut to. The remainder of the deck is placed in the magician’s pocket. The spectator then shuffles the cards they cut off the deck – but all this is done while the magician has their back turned, so they don’t get to see anything of what has happened.


The magician then uses the spectator’s ‘emotional response’ while they look at the faces of the cards to determine which card was their selection. This is a lovely stage presentation and it was beautifully demonstrated.


Boris’ lecture was superb and it was excellent to see his work. His tour of the UK continues for some weeks to come. If you want to buy any of his products, or the lecture DVD, you can find it all here:


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