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5th March - Lecture from Marc Spelmann

Our February meeting was the highly anticipated lecture from Marc Spelmann. Marc spent a lot of time discussing the principles of magic and used a reduced number of effects to give him the chance to elaborate on the points he was making. This made for a different style of lecture which included some invaluable advice from a very experienced entertainer.


Marc’s first demonstration was of his effect called ‘The Only Card’. This was a variation on the Invisible Deck combining the R&S principle with an equivoque technique. The payoff was that a freely named card turned out to be the only regular card in the deck, with the rest all jokers.


Next came Marc’s version of Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN), a well known routine for which there are several versions available. Marc’s was different in that it used two volunteers who both shuffled the deck. Then one named a number between 1 and 52; and the other named a card. Counting down to the number revealed that the selected card was at that precise location in the deck. This was a very clean version of the classic plot that was accomplished by the use of some very sneaky additions.


ACAAN 2 was demonstrated next, another way to present a similar effect using two decks - a one way force deck and a Psychomatic deck to accomplish a very clean payoff.


Another force deck was used in the next effect – this time a Monte Cristo deck which has mis-printed pips at one end of each card. Anyone interested in the deck can obtain one via Chris Kenilworth, though International Magic also stock them at £25: (http://www.internationalmagic.com/product-monte-cristo-deck.html)


Marc is well known for his mentalism work, so it was no surprise that his next effect involved a drawing duplication routine – a performance of Larry Becker’s Sneak Thief. This routine is centred around identifying who drew which picture on a set of business cards. Some great ideas here, including giving each card a differently positioned nail knick as it is handed out to the spectator so that you can identify it later. 


Finally, Marc showed us an effect utilising the Stealth Assassin wallet, a great utility wallet that allows peeks of all sorts.


In the end, a very interesting lecture from an obviously experienced magician who really knows his stuff. Marc mentioned that he only presents one or two lectures each year, so we were quite privileged to have him at the club for the evening.

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