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3rd Jun Open Club Night
10th Jun Jamy Ian-Swiss Lecture
1st Jul Dixon Shows Prep Night
5th Aug Open Club Night
2nd Sep Annual Close-Up Competition
7th Oct Steve Dela Lecture
27th Oct Presentation Dinner
4th Nov Annual Props Auction
2nd Dec Christmas Fun Night

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w/c 11th Sep 18 Dixon Studio Shows
13th Oct
Chancellor Park, Chelmsford (PROV)
15th Dec Canvey WI

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7th Jan Open Club Night
4th Feb
Dealer - Saturn Magic  
4th Mar Speed Dating' Night  
18th Mar Boris Wild Lecture  
1st Apr
Annual General Meeting  
15th Apr Greg Wilson Lecture  
6th May Annual Stage Competition  

Club Meetings

5th February - Lecture by Andy Clockwise

The club's February meeting was a lecture from our good friend Andy Clockwise who stepped in at short notice to take over from Nicholas Einhorn when he unfortunately had to cancel due to other commitments.


Andy was his usual hilarious self and presented a wonderful lecture full of simple and practical magic with some brilliant ideas and some excellent insight into audience reactions. He started the evening by announcing that anyone attending the lecture could obtain a free PDF of his lecture notes, simply by dropping him an email, and I know a lot of people took him up on his super offer. If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can contact Andy via his website at www.clockwisemagic.co.uk


So, onto the magic. Andy started with his ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ effect which uses a superb prime number force to ‘help’ a spectator win a balloon dog from a set of cards showing illustrations of several other amazing prizes. Talking of dogs, he went on to demonstrate a lovely alternative to balloon dogs as giveaways by getting everyone in the room to create a dog made from Christmas garland beads. With the clever use of some well known apparatus, a nice magical effect was incorporated into the production of one of these dogs.


Next came Andy’s work with a combination of the ‘hotrod’ gimmick and a Rubik’s cube – the Rubik’s Rod. Clever thinking and a whole new take on both the trick and the puzzle! A variation of coin in bottle was up next, using no folding coin and a jumbo coin production as a kicker. ‘Bug-o-me’ was Andy’s take on the Omni Deck gimmick; then we had a lovely lottery prediction effect using the TV show Bullseye as its theme.  There were some other super card effects too, including one based on the game of Cluedo; and another using cards with thumb prints on their backs. Andy recommends that if anyone wants to stamp anything on the back of a playing card, the ink to use is ‘archival ink’ which dries well and is smudge resistant.


The final routine was an excellent take on an old card effect from Ali Bongo. A full deck was randomly shuffled, face up cards into face down, by a spectator. Then the cards were placed into a Tupperware box and shaken up by another spectator. With a completely unpredictable outcome, it finally turned out that a prediction about the number of face down cards, which had been on display from the outset, was found to be 100% correct. This effect was based on a well known method, yet it fooled some of the best of us!


So it was a fantastic lecture from Andy who clearly knows his material really well and has a brilliant way of relating to his audience.


At the meeting we also welcomed two new members to the fold: Joe Green and Jake Dolman who had both passed their auditions the month before. Please help to make them feel welcome when you see them at the meetings.

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