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3rd Jun Open Club Night
10th Jun Jamy Ian-Swiss Lecture
1st Jul Dixon Shows Prep Night
5th Aug Open Club Night
2nd Sep Annual Close-Up Competition
7th Oct Steve Dela Lecture
27th Oct Presentation Dinner
4th Nov Annual Props Auction
2nd Dec Christmas Fun Night

Future Shows                       

w/c 11th Sep 18 Dixon Studio Shows
13th Oct
Chancellor Park, Chelmsford (PROV)
15th Dec Canvey WI

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7th Jan Open Club Night
4th Feb
Dealer - Saturn Magic  
4th Mar Speed Dating' Night  
18th Mar Boris Wild Lecture  
1st Apr
Annual General Meeting  
15th Apr Greg Wilson Lecture  
6th May Annual Stage Competition  

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2nd April - 40th Annual General Meeting

The club’s April meeting was the 40th AGM, a chance for all members to have a say in the running of our club, and at the same time the election of a new committee for the coming year.


Full minutes of the meeting will be posted in the members’ area on the website along with last year’s committee reports and the audited financial report for the year. For members wishing to visit the members’ area, the username is ‘Jimmy’ and the password is ‘Rogers’. For those without internet access, paper copies of everything may be obtained by contacting Adrian. In the meantime the salient points from the meeting are as follows:


The meeting opened at 8:05PM.


Members in attendance:

Tony Draper, Audrey Heddon, Don Simpson, Lewis Clifton, Tracy Wise, Richard Graham, Adrian Fox, Matthew Turner, Keith Pain, Michael Leach, Carol Simpson, Oliver Tabor, Debbie Leach, Lance Harrison, Ryan Young, Mick Geraghty, Derek Martin, Doug Roden, Ray Simpkins, Oliver Ward, Dean Cadywould, Stewart Cope, Olivia Cross, Chris Campos, Alfie Hawes 

Apologies were received from: Andy Smith, Stuart Burrell, Robbie Wood and Trevor Cline.


The minutes from the previous AGM held in April 2016 were approved – Proposed by Keith Pain and seconded by Chris Campos.


Reports covering last year’s events and activities were read out by each of the outgoing committee members, and these were all unanimously approved by the members (proposed by Don Simpson seconded by Tony Draper) apart from a challenge to the financial summary by Lewis Clifton. Lewis highlighted that the difference from the opening balance to the closing balance did not equate the difference stated. This difference could not be explained by Tony at the time but the new committee would look into this at the start of the new year. The reports are to be posted into the members’ area of the club website.


Membership Fees were discussed and it was suggested by the outgoing committee that in view of rising costs for things such as lectures, we increase the annual membership by £5. After discussion this was voted in by the membership, along with an agreed increase to the ticket price for guests attending lectures to £10. This now makes our membership fees:

Joining Fee                                     £10

Individual Membership                  £20

Family/Junior Membership £25

Guest Fee at ordinary meetings     £2

Guest fee at lectures                       £10


Honorary Life Membership

No one was proposed this year.


Amendments to Rules and Constitution

There were no suggested amendments to the constitution from the floor or the committee this year. The number of committee members required may be reviewed next year.


Election of Officers for 2017

This year Michael Leach, Dean Cadywould and Tony Draper had decided not to stand for another term. Adrian presented each of them with commemorative plaques as thanks for all their hard work on the committee.




The election of officers to the new committee therefore, ended up as follows.


      President: Stewart Cope nominated Adrian Fox, seconded by Richard Graham, no other nominations made so Adrian is now President for 2017.


Vice President Don Simpson nominated Lewis Clifton, seconded by Dean Cadywould.

Mick Geraghty nominated Oliver Ward, seconded by Ryan Young

As two members had successful nominations, the decision was put to a secret ballot vote, independently overseen by John O’Riordan from MEMS, and Oliver was voted in as the successful nomination.


                                  Treasurer: Adrian Fox nominated Tracy Wise, seconded by Dean Cadywould, no other nominations made so Tracy is now Treasurer for 2017.


                                  Shows Secretary: Adrian Fox nominated Richard Graham, seconded by Thomas Edwin, no other nominees so Richard is now Shows Secretary for 2017.


   Secretary: Stewart Cope nominated Ryan Young, seconded by Keith Pain, no other nominees, so Ryan is now Secretary for 2017.


Any Other Business


Annual Presentation dinner – Adrian announced that this year’s dinner will be held at the Thorpe Hall Golf club again this year on 28th October.


Tracy Wise – to celebrate the Southend Sorcerers 40th year this year, Tracy has compiled a book celebrating 40 years of the SSS and it looks fantastic.  Tracy also brought along a celebratory cake (awesome!) that was devoured voraciously by all of the members.


The Dixons shows - Adrian announced the week commencing the 11th September as the week we will be holding it this year. The membership was asked to contribute any marketing ideas to promote ticket sales.


Show to promote our shows - Carol Simpson suggested that we hosted a free show inviting organisations like the Rotary clubs to come and see what we can do for them. The committee would explore this early in the new year.


Members’ travelling expenses at shows - Mick Geraghty raised this point, and Adrian gave all of the reasons why the committee have decided against this in the past. It would be difficult to execute because individual travelling distances vary; and after paying out these expenses the club would be left with very little profit, which is used to fund things like lectures etc. It was agreed that performing at the shows is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience and confidence – something that can’t be achieved in any other way - so this should really be reward enough.


The meeting closed at 9:38 PM.


Following the formal meeting, we were treated to a wonderful performance from Ryan Jackson from MEMS who, with John O’Riordan’s help, was getting ready for his appearance in the Magic Circle stage competition finals the following weekend. 

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