Future Events                       

1st Oct Lecture - Marc Oberon
28th Oct Annual Presentation Dinner
5th Nov Annual Props Auction
3rd Dec Christmas Fun Night

Future Shows                       

9th Nov Furtherwick WI
3rd Feb 18 St George's, Shoeburyness
3rd Mar 18 St Mary's Church.    Little Baddow
w/c 11th Sep 18 Dixon Studio Shows

Past Events                           

7th May
Stage Magic competition  
4th Jun
Feedback club night 
2nd Jul
Lecture - Atlas Brookings 
6th Aug
Free and Easy club night
3rd Sep
Close up Magic competition 
w/c 11th Sep Dixon Studio Shows  


6th November - Annual Club Auction

The club’s November meeting was the annual props auction and this year we ran the event as a traditional auction with Dean and Adrian (with assistance from Mick Geraghty to liven things up a bit!) selling items for all they were worth (there were around 160 lots to get through!); with Mike keeping track of all things financial. It was a great night and we had a number of members selling off collections of various props and DVDs etc, and in the end most who took part were able to raise some handy money for the festive season. We had everything, from Omni-decks to animal string puppets (which were, for some strange reason, snapped up by Dean?!)


Bidding was fairly lively and with some unusual and rare items up for sale as well as a number of books and lecture notes, there was literally something on sale to appeal to nearly everyone. The auction is always great fun and a super opportunity to pick up a bargain or two, and there were plenty on offer.


Thanks go to all our sellers and buyers – the club charged no commission as we have in the past so all our sellers kept all the proceeds, and judging by the reaction it’s definitely something we’ll do again next year. In the end we sold goods to the tune of around £850, so a pretty good night for all concerned.

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