Future Events                       

1st Oct Lecture - Marc Oberon
28th Oct Annual Presentation Dinner
5th Nov Annual Props Auction
3rd Dec Christmas Fun Night

Future Shows                       

9th Nov Furtherwick WI
3rd Feb 18 St George's, Shoeburyness
3rd Mar 18 St Mary's Church.    Little Baddow
w/c 11th Sep 18 Dixon Studio Shows

Past Events                           

7th May
Stage Magic competition  
4th Jun
Feedback club night 
2nd Jul
Lecture - Atlas Brookings 
6th Aug
Free and Easy club night
3rd Sep
Close up Magic competition 
w/c 11th Sep Dixon Studio Shows  


19th October - Extra Workshop Meeting

On 19th October we held one of our additional feedback meetings at Oliver Tabor’s red brick barn. Organised by Mike Leach, this was one of our performance improvement nights where we offer the chance to come along and discuss a particular aspect of performing magic.


This time it was an opportunity to ask for feedback on the performance of magic – in effect a great chance to perform and get constructive suggestions about how to improve; and to discuss aspects of the effects being performed in the sort of detail that we don’t often get time for at the regular club meetings.


Don Simpson took the opportunity to run through his Magic Circle entrance exam presentation, and Chris Campos also performed, but it was a disappointing attendance with only two or three members showing up. At the AGM these improvement opportunities were specifically requested by the membership which is why the committee started staging these extra sessions. But both the last feedback meeting and this one were poorly supported and if that trend continues we may have to stop holding them altogether. It’s simply not worth the time and trouble it takes to arrange these extra meetings if no-one comes along to take advantage of the offer.


The committee will discuss options at our next meeting so watch this space, but in the meantime if anyone has any thoughts about what we can do or how else we can help our members to improve, we’d love to hear from you.


Thanks as always to those that did come along, and to Oliver for allowing us the use of his lovely barn as a venue again.


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