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7th May Stage Magic competition
4th Jun Feedback club night
2nd Jul Lecture - Atlas Brookings
6th Aug Free and Easy club night
3rd Sep Close up Magic competition
1st Oct Lecture - Marc Oberon
28th Oct Annual Presentation Dinner
5th Nov Props Auction
3rd Dec Christmas Fun Night

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w/c 11th Sep
Dixon Studio Shows
6th Oct
Thorpe Bay Rotary Close-up only
9th Nov Furtherwick WI
3rd Mar 18 St Mary's Church. Little Baddow

Past Events                           

19th Oct Extra Workshop Meeting  
6th Nov Annual Props Auction  
11th Nov Lecture - David Stone  
4th Dec
Christmas Fun Night
8th Jan Free and Easy club night  
5th Feb Lecture - Andy Clockwise  
5th Mar Lecture - Marc Spelmann  
25th Mar Kings Road School, Chelmsford  
2nd Apr AGM  


11th November - Extra Meeting - David Stone Lecture

One of the best lectures I’ve ever seen! David Stone appeared at the club for an eagerly anticipated lecture, and after they’d had to turn people away at the Magic Circle we were expecting a pretty lively night – and we weren’t disappointed, with several guests coming along to watch.


To be honest, if you could bottle just the first 15 minutes of David’s lecture, you could build a career on that alone! It was nothing short of superb. Featuring some hilarious takes on some of his previous effects, his Splash Bottle productions (which went on all night) were amazing, but especially the ones where it didn’t quite go according to plan!


Showcasing some of David’s newest material, there were some fantastic routines, such as a version of card to pocket which was incredible. His Misdirection Deck was an amazing gimmick which allows you to switch a deck of cards with an empty card box in your pocket. There was the Mirage gimmick, which makes a single card look like a full deck in your hands, which you can then reduce gradually down to one card in full sight. Zenith was a new take on the card to ceiling routine – different in that you can toss the boxed deck at the ceiling, to leave the signed selection stuck up there on its own.


There was a lot of deliberate conflict in his presentations where things seemed to go wrong. My favourite was an effect where he borrowed a new deck from Ryan, had Simon remove one card and then drop the rest into a bucket of water! Mixing the cards around in the water, David finally removed them, dripping wet, and dropped them into a plastic zip-lock bag. Yet, taking the single dry card back from Simon he was able, with a simple wave of the card, to restore the cards in the bag back into a perfect dry condition!


The finale, which wasn’t explained, involved borrowing and vanishing a ring in what seemed to be a fairly traditional way – except that the ring apparently flew across the room and smashed into the wall!


It ended up appearing inside a tennis ball which had been on the table in full view for most of the evening. Amazing!


With a well deserved standing ovation, and loads of action at the sales table, David commented later that he’d really enjoyed his time with us. He and I ended up in a Japanese restaurant afterwards for a very late night chatting about all things magic – and we had the place to ourselves. David is a really nice guy and an amazing raconteur too, and his tales of shows and nights out with various well known magicians, in cities right across the world, were wonderful to listen to.


Here’s to the next time!

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